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To decrease the amount of after hour calls to the Minden Housing Authority, the following list is being issued to all residents describing problems that a resident may have after normal business hours. Please refer to this list and the time before you call for after hour service. On call maintenance personnel will only respond to actual emergency problems. Some items listed will only be responded to during normal working hours. Charges will apply to lock outs and any non-emergency calls made after hours.

After-hours Emergency Number: (318) 377-1078.

Please see the following types of Emergency Maintenance Service Requests (with notes) in the list below:

  1. Gas Leak

  2. Sewer backing up. This does not include washing machine drains.

  3. Toilet stopped up, if you only have one.

  4. Water leaks on the floor, only if turning off the water valve does not stop the leak. Water leaks on toilets if you only have one.

  5. Hot water heaters will be lit on Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-6:30pm
    All calls after 9pm will be responded to the next day.

  6. Smoke detectors. Do not call for low battery warning beeps. Call only if a alarm actually goes off.

  7. Exposed electrical wiring, receptacles and switches.

  8. Electrical power failure in all or parts of the unit.

  9. Lock Out Charges for lost and misplaced keys. (No charge if lock is found to be broken.)
    Pickup key in office $5.00 Have key delivered to unit $10.00
    Daily 7:30am-6:30pm - $5.00
    6:30pm-10pm - $20.00
    10pm-7:30am - $25.00
    Friday-Sunday-10pm-12am - $30.00
    Holiday's flat rate of - $30.00
    Maintenance is not obligated to come out after 12am for lock outs.

  10. Air conditioners are non-emergency items and will be repaired during normal working hours only 7:30am-6:30pm Monday-Thursday. If we are closed maintenance will come and see if the unit can be repaired between the hours of 7:30am to 6:30pm and only if the temperature outside is at or above 94 degrees.

  11. Heaters will be repaired if possible during normal business hours unless it is extremely cold.

  12. Refrigerator problems should only be called on after hours if the refrigerator is not running and is not cooling at all.

  13. Bath tubs and kitchen sinks that are draining slowly can wait till the next working day. Total blockages can be called in during daylight hours. All others should call the next working day.

Chunda Jones, Executive Director